Sunday, 4 November 2018

The Oil and Gas Route

STATS Group is an engineering services business operating in the oil and gas industry. They are known for their excellent reputation for providing a responsive, client-centred approach to the industry. Their core values include team work, innovation, delivery and respect.

I spoke with CEO, Leigh Howarth, who gave an insight into what STATS look for when hiring graduates...

1) Which degrees/qualifications do you look for a candidate to have?

We recruit across many functions but the one function we do look for a degree in is engineering. In the oil and gas industry, and in our service offering of pipeline isolation and repairs, our clients look for a product and service that gives them confidence. A degree provides a baseline of confidence backed up with work experience which leads to competence.

By the very nature of our business and the markets we work in, there is a need to employ dynamic staff who are able to work well in small teams and on their own initiative. Fit is everything when working in small teams so although the degree is a must for an engineering role, the fit and the right attitude is what will make the difference for applicants wanting to work at STATS.

2) What makes an exceptional employee?

An exceptional employee of STATS Group is one who understands our culture, our clients culture and our client needs. They will “go the extra mile” to ensure our clients needs are met whilst maintaining the core values of our business (Teamwork, Delivery, Innovation, Respect). Someone with a “can do attitude” will go a long way in the business – recognising we are a service provider and that the safe, efficient delivery of our services is essential. An exceptional employee always challenges themselves to ensure they continually evolve in line with the demands of the role and the business.

3) What impact do graduates have within your business?

Graduates bring a fresh dynamic to our team here at STATS Group. Graduates are absorbed into teams and projects to be active participants in jobs from a very early stage in their career with the business. This steep learning curve encourages graduates to ask questions and challenge norms. This can only be good for the business and for the graduates as they are being exposed to things they might not normally see as a graduate. Whilst our graduates are expected to learn quickly, both the business and the graduate benefit.

4) Which elements do graduates find most challenging?

Being a fast paced business, getting up to pace with the technology and the pace of how things work here can be hard. If we have selected well though, we have the right people with the right attitudes and work ethic to fit into our teams quickly.

5) Why should a candidate chose your business as their grad job?

Graduates would enjoy working at STATS Group as they get a broad exposure to all parts of a job. From client kick off meetings to delivery and installation of our products, a graduate will be exposed to every element of the process. They won’t be sheltered, but mentored and supported throughout a project ensuring the learning process is accelerated. Our graduates tell us that this is the most rewarding part of their development, being involved all the way through the service delivery process.

Find out more about opportunities at STATS Group here

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