Saturday, 10 November 2018

Crafting your Future Career with Brewdog

Brewdog was founded in 2007 and since then they have become a market leader in cutting-edge beer, restaurants, and bars. They are renowned for their chilled out and community focused culture.

I spent an afternoon at DogTap, their distillery in Ellon, speaking to people of various roles in the business - Head of Distillation Stephen Kersley, 'The Job Whisperer' Nicolle Sinclair, 'Brewcruiter' Alex Mair, 'The Helmsman' Mark Dalgarno, and Recruitment Resourcer Bex Hislop. Here's what Brewdog had to say...

     1. Which degrees/qualifications do you look for candidates to have?

Brewdog don't offer graduate schemes, however, they welcome candidates from many different backgrounds if they fit the job description and company culture. There is a huge emphasis on there being no set path to end up working with Brewdog. If it's brewing and distilling you're interested in then a degree in chemistry or engineering points you in the right direction. Heriot-Watt offer a Brewing and Distilling BSc and there are various other qualifications you can attain which are very tailored to the skills required for a job at DogTap. 

However, the main focus is on passion points and to have a love for the process. If you're innovative, creative, and experimental and love brewing you own beer at home, you'd fit in with the team - Stephen, Head of Distillation, summed it up as requiring a "relentlessly curious" personality and drive.

     2. What makes an exceptional employee?

Someone who is exposed to the Brewdog way - they know the language, they have a passion for the brand, and they have a willingness and aptitude to learn. If they have a degree and experience in the field, then great! But if they are proactive, self-driven and have great social skills then they will stand out. It's these extras on top of a degree that make a person a great employee, said Nicolle, Global Head of Talent.

     3. What impact do graduates have on your business?

They have a huge positive influence as they aren't pigeon holed in the business. Employees are given their own PDP and use this to their benefit as they can set their targets for the next job role they want, and move there at their own pace. 

The local outreach programme that Brewdog undertake in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire (Ellon Academy, RGU, Aberdeen University, etc) gives back to the community but also allows Brewdog to attain the insight of fresh minds and innovative young thinking.

     4. Which elements do graduates find most challenging?

The business is always modernising and changing, so it's sometimes hard for new recruits to keep up. Brewdog doesn't have the "it's not broken, so why fix it" mentality. They don't play safe and always strive to innovate and change the way the business works for the better. There's also a high expectancy to perform, with a "have your shit together" mindset, says Mark.

     5. Why should a candidate chose your business as their grad job?

Recruiter, Bex, had a very personalised path as she began at Brewdog part-time whilst completing her schooling at Ellon Academy. She says that the Brewdog culture is so unique and inspiring - it's a "Monday is the best day of the week" type employer and they offer many great benefits for their employees. Alex, who is also a recruiter, says that the company is so mission-led and they are sincerely a good employer that the staff feel proud to work for. 

Find out more about Jobs at Brewdog here

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