Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Are you a student ready to graduate in the near future? If so, I'm sure you have thought about future prospects and graduate jobs. 

I want to discover the ins and outs of graduate recruitment in order to understand exactly what happens once we leave education. I hope to help my future self and anyone else that needs advice when it comes to applying for these opportunities.

In each blog post I will interview a different business on what they look for when recruiting graduates as well as asking about what their own graduate opportunities entail. I aim to approach companies from a wide range of industry sectors to gather as much information as possible. Each business will be asked the same 5 questions:

  1. Which degrees/qualifications do you look for a candidate to have?
  2. What makes an exceptional employee at your firm/what are standout qualities?
  3. What impact do graduates have within your business?
  4. Which elements do graduates find most challenging?
  5. Why should a candidate chose your business as their grad job?

Feel free to let me know through the comments section if there's a business you want to hear from!

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