Thursday, 4 October 2018

Grad Jobs at The Data Lab

The Data Lab is a collaborative environment which enables industry, public sector and university researchers to innovate and develop new data science capabilities. They have Hubs in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh in which organisations of all types can build relationships through the shared working space.

Here's what Head of Business Development, Jude McCorry, had to say:

        1) Which degrees/qualifications do you look for a candidate to have?

This year we at The Data Lab have recruited grads for different roles across the business, such as data science, marketing, and communications.

For the technical data science positions we are looking for a mix of technical ability – data science or writing reports – and ‘soft’ skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. The Data Lab deals with both public and private sector, therefore, we hire for the persons attitude and then train for the required skills. Some of our employees have degrees, masters and PHDs but others do not. We are looking for the right people to fit into our culture.

2) What makes an exceptional employee?

An exceptional employee at our organisation is someone who lives our values and our culture. Every month we celebrate an employee who has been exceptional by living and breathing these values.

3) What impact do graduates have within your business?

The Data Lab is an innovation centre, and we expect innovation to come from the people within, we encourage flexibility with responsibility and we want employees to be accountable (find solutions, own it, and make it happen) this is with their own workload but also in a team environment.

4) Which elements do graduates find most challenging?

Probably the most challenging thing for graduates - particularly tech graduates - is the softer skills. While technical ability can be slowly gained through formal work experience or part-time jobs, the 'soft' skills are often forgotten and not really taught at University.
My advice to graduates is try and gain some of the softer skills during your education so you are an “all rounder” when you do come into the workplace.

5) Why should a candidate chose your business as their grad job?

All of the graduates who have worked with us say the benefits of working with us are:
Our openness to their ideas and new ways of doing things. Our non hierarchical way of working, means they can enjoy access to our network, interesting projects and people! We are very diverse and really want more women in Data Science and in the workplace. And finally, it's fun! We are a great team who work and play hard, and also look after each other! Grads are staying in touch and being part of The Data Lab family if and when they move on!

Find more information about Grad Jobs at The Data Lab here

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